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Journey to Healing: Anytime is the right time

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

As a devoted Reiki practitioner, aspiring alchemist, and intuitive soul with a penchant for tarot, astrology, and all things creative, my heart beats for holistic well-being. My journey is a tapestry of spiritual exploration and self-discovery, guiding others toward balance, healing, and purposeful alignment. Join me on this transformative journey toward holistic harmony and unlock your true potential.

Ever since a teen, I've had a thirst for learning and understanding. Later, I learned that this passion would spill over into my gift of teaching and coaching others, sharing my enthusiasm for helping my peers and clients think bigger and achieve their goals. As a late starter, I tried my hand at various careers that I took an interest in, and sometime later, I found myself gaining a master's degree in communication and, a few months later, applying to grad school again for social work. It was the things I learned from 8 years of education and working in social services and higher education that brought me to a realization of my higher purpose. Being able to empower others is my calling, to help others identify their strengths, build on their weaknesses, and assist them in creating a blueprint to the life they want.

I believe that with the right plan in place and support, your mind, body, and spirit can find balance and optimize your potential for success in any area of your life you want change.

Crystal for Transformation

Labradorite: Hailed as the Stone of Transformation, guides us by infusing life-giving energy into every corner of our souls, balancing our body, mind, and even the deepest recesses of our being, leading the way to self-soothing, artistic ambition, cosmic energy, and enhanced mental clarity.

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